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Rides & Events

If it's dry & warm the Chapter is most likely out for a ride!

All our Chapter members are advised to follow suggested guidelines to help limit the spread of the COVID 19 virus.


Sunday Rides

We explore the local area and further afield such as Skegness, Wales, the Lakes etc. We accommodate regular stops for small tanks (and bladders), stopping for lunch and coffees along the way. Details of the ride start time & destination are posted in advance of the ride on facebook.


Wednesday Rides

A number of the Chapter meet informally for a ride on Wednesdays after work, heading to more local destinations, such as MFN & other bike nights. 

These are not formally organised Chapter events.

Formal Chrome Hill Chapter rides are for our members only and conform to HOG standards & practices.

Riding on a Highway

How we Ride

Group etiquette, drop offs & keeping together


We ride in a close staggered formation allowing the group to stay together. Riding staggered gives better visibility allowing the rider to see past the rider immediately in front of them. At traffic lights or stops, the staggered formation closes so each rider is side by side, this reduces the space taken up and allows better filtering through lights. 

Second Man Drop Off 

This works well with large groups. 

During the ride the Lead Rider and rear rider (Sweep) do not change their position within the group. 

All other riders within the group will rotate the position accordingly as follows:

When the group approaches a junction, set of traffic lights, major or minor turnings the Lead Rider will indicate to the second rider (the rider currently behind the lead rider) to pull over safely into the side and stop, ensuring that he is a) not obstructing the flow of traffic or b) so far into a junction or behind an obstacle that the rest of the riders in the group can’t see him/her.

This rider then directs everyone in the direction of the lead, either by using hand signals or leaving the indicator on in the direction he has gone.

Once all but the sweep has passed this rider then re-joins the group taking up position in front of the sweep.

Under no circumstances should you re-join the group before you see the sweep as it will split the group and they wont know what direction to take.

If the group is split up, the lead rider will turn around and retrace the route to recover those dropped off. 

Buddy Ride 

This works well with small groups. During the ride, everyone remains in a fixed position (they do not rotate as seen with the drop off). 

When the group approaches a junction, set of traffic lights, major or minor turnings, each rider will ensure the person behind them is in sight and can follow the route.

Under no circumstances should you turn change direction without the rider behind being visible, otherwise they will not know which direction to the group has gone. 

2nd Man Drop Off

2nd Man Drop Off

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Ride Out Calendar

If its Wednesday or Sunday, we have a ride planned!

These are our planned rides. We hope to ride on all of them, but, it might not always be possible... Check our Facebook page for 'live' updates regarding our rides. 

Image by Katt Yukawa

Proudly Supported Organisations

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

AT Society 

Ashgate Hospice

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Ride to the Wall (RTTW)


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