In 1965 I passed my motorcycle Test. I couldn't afford much and latched on to the phenomena that was Scooter Ownership. Strangely that's all back in vogue now? That lasted a couple of years or so and then I switched to a car. 37 years later having only hired the two wheeled variety of transport occasionally I had an epiphany and bought my first Harley... Life wouldn't be the same now without it. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!!

I joined the chapter and have enjoyed all that goes with that. Trips, Social gatherings, Day Ride outs etc..

Now semi retired and looking for "something to do" I cottoned on that Derek had a huge workload on his hands taking the chapter forward. Out of nowhere I offered my assistance. I didn't know what he would want me to do to help and being out of the country a lot I was unsure if I could help at all..

Well 6 months later and I had set up a new website, Twitter and Instagram sites for the chapter and loving it..

Why not contribute? Send me ideas, photos, blogs, general comments and I'll ensure its given full consideration and then Published.

Join in. I'm loving it. I'm sure you will.