Manoj Pillai

Hi I am Manoj Pillai.… Yes, I know it is a bit difficult to pronounce... but I am not that fussy about it. I am very happy, bubbly guy and always a positive person.

Born and brought up in India, at 17, I had both my car and Motorbike license... My dad and mom were a bit worried to get me a bike, so I got a scooter instead. The old chicken shaped Vespa… ouch! But slowly I upgraded it to Yezdi (Indian collaborated 250cc “JAWA”). By then I had an overseas opportunity at work and took it and since 1991 my focus was changed… Vehicle was for only commuting and it had always been 4 wheeler.

15 years in the Middle east, had enough of it and my ex-wife, son and I, migrated to UK and found this beautiful scenic place… “Chesterfield” and have been here since (now 15 years). I developed a great friend circle here through Tennis, Local community and life went on. But there was always something missing in it… It was my motorbiking!!

I took my motorbike test in 2014 and was lucky enough to get it on the first attempt… A lot of things went on from then till 2017 which stopped me from getting a bike and it was by 2018, I decided to buy a bike. BUY A MOTORBIKE = BUY A HARLEY DAVIDSON…  I got myself a HD Sportster 1200 XL Custom. What a lovely entry level bike!  2019 looking ahead of a major ride outs and long-distance tours, I upgraded my bike to the Iconic FAT BOY 114… Boy! Feels fantastic…

Thanks to all the help from the experienced chapter colleagues, I have improved my riding styles, corrected a lot of mistakes, making it more comfortable and safer to ride.

Its Fun, Its Freedom, Its Forever… Come and join us at CHROME HILL CHAPTER and discover a world of difference.