Assistant Director

Simon O'Donnell

A new Chapter, so to speak. The story so far.

Aged 14 I bought my first bike a KTM Comet Cross. It was in box and it took me a year to build.

At 17 I got my first road bike a Kawasaki KH 125, and I never been without a bike from that day.

Since then I’ve had every sort of bike from a Sports Bike to a Supermoto.

Three years ago I had a test ride on my first Harley Davidson and was told that I had two hours to try it out, I was way longer. It was so much fun to ride I knew I had to buy one. Harleys are a lifestyle my friend said, he’s had every bike going, and never had a T-shirt with the make on, but now he has a Harley Davidson and every T-shirt he owns has a Harley Davidson logo on it .

Harley Davidson are a completely different kind of bike that you just want to ride and never stop riding . The loud pipes top it off for me.

So here I am your brand new Assistant Director. Who knew? I’m now looking forward to helping Derek and the team to promote, build and run The Chapter as well as participate in all the events we have planned.